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Medicaid vs. Russian Pension

Karina Duvall
A married couple who immigrated to the United States in 2001. They are naturalized US citizens. They each received a Russian pension every quarter that amounted to about $350 US dollars each month. They went to the Russian Consulate in New York to present annual certificate of being alive. However, they both started having health problems that made that trip harder and harder and finally when Covid hit they stopped going. Their last pension payment was in 2020. They were not aware of how to continue the pension other than presenting in person to the consulate. But moreover, they were not rich people. They lived very frugally or depended on family to support them. They did not pursue any legal action through power of attorney to pursue the continuation of the pension. They were not aware this was an option.

Today, the husband is in a nursing home and is seeking government benefits (Medicaid) to help defray the cost of that residence and care. But the issue of his inaction as to pursuing the pension became an issue. Read More »

Karina Duvall, also known as Karina Krasnova, against Eliza Devorah Greenberg

District Court of Nassau County First Dist Civil Part 2
As such, Karina Duvall has demonstrated her prima facie entitlement to judgment as a matter of law, thereby shifting the burden to Eliza Devorah Greenberg to raise a triable issue of fact.

Furthermore, defendant’s assertion in her affidavit that the lease ended on February 19, 2017, is insufficient to raise a triable issue of fact, as it is contradicted by her testimony in a prior holdover proceeding, wherein she acknowledged, on multiple court dates, that the lease term ended on January 31, 2017 (Duvall Reply Affidavit, Exhibits F, G)(see Lipsker v 650 Crown Equities, LLC, 81 AD3d 789 [2d Dept 2011][self-serving affidavit contradicting prior sworn testimony failed to raise a triable issue of fact]). Read More »

Divorce order between Russian and foreign individuals

Karina Duvall
The parties live separately since long, they have no household together, the Defendant does not oppose to divorce, and there are no property disputes.

THEREFORE, the court decides to grant the divorce. Read More »

Can I get divorce in Russia if marrige was registered in Cyprus?

Karina Duvall
According to Article 15 of the Treaty between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Republic of Cyprus on Legal Assistance in Civil and Criminal Matters, which was signed in Moscow on January 19, 1984, any Documents issued or certified in the prescribed form and affixed with the official seal of a competent state institution or an official of one of the Parties do not require any authentication in the territory of the other Party. This also applies to signatures on documents and signatures attested in accordance with the rules of one of the Parties. Read More »


Karina Duvall
The law establishes that a power of attorney is a written authorization issued by one person to another person for representation before third parties. A power of attorney for making transactions requiring a notarial form, for filing applications for state registration of rights or transactions, as well as for disposing of rights registered in state registers must be notarized. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, in the countries participating in the 1961 Hague Convention, the power of attorney must contain, in addition to notarization, also an apostille. Read More »
Articles: 254
Page 1 from 51
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