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How do I begin the divorce process if me and my spouse has different nationality (United States and Russian Federation)?


I regularly advise people to hire qualified divorce attorney as soon as they know a divorce is in their future. In cases of dual citizenship, this is even more critical. You will need someone on your side who is expert in the divorce and family laws of the other country (Russia), as well as an expert divorce financial strategist to help you navigate the financial details of your case.

If you have children, you may want to hire an expert in international custody issues. These issues are notoriously complicated, the laws are hard to enforce, and the stakes could not be higher. We’ve all heard horrifying news items about parental kidnapping, in which one parent takes the children to another country, and the other parent fights for years, at tremendous expense, in hopes of bringing them back – sometimes without success.

Being well-prepared, well-informed and well-advised about the divorce process is critical for any divorcing person, but especially so for those with an international component to their marriage.

Still, as our world continues to get smaller and smaller, international and/or dual citizenship divorces are going to become increasingly common. The good news is that as these cases become more routine, more help will become available for people facing the challenges of dual citizenship divorce. Remember: If your relationship spans international borders, make sure your divorce attorney has the qualifications and experience you require.

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