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Terms and conditions

These Rules regulate the procedure for the use of "Russian-Divorce" resource and are obligatory for all our customers. Any use of the site, including a request for a consultation (paid or free of charge) shall mean full and unconditional acceptance of the following conditions.

  1. We emphasize that site materials are of general informational nature, and can under no conditions be interpreted as a guide for action. We made our materials publicly available, as we consider that they will be of interest to a wide range of readers. However, it does not mean that studying the site materials can become an alternative to participation of an specialist in your case.
  2. The contents of the site constitute neither a service nor assistance in a specific case. Provision of services or consultations without payment is an specialist's right, not an obligation. A site visitor understands and expressly accepts that no claims related to services and consultations obtained free of charge shall not be accepted or considered. "Russian-Divorce" shall take no liability for consequences of obtaining and using free consultations and services. The site administration does not provide a guarantee to answer each letter we receive.
  3. The fact of your correspondence to us means that your complete and indisputable consent to use your email address for contacting you at any time.
  4. Your name and other identification data are strictly confidential. But your question can be posted on website without any personal information.
  5. Correspondence between a customer and an specialist, preliminary telephone and Internet consultations do not attest to the fact that there is any agreement. Provision of preliminary Internet consultations does not create any mutual rights and obligations.
  6. Mutual obligations "specialist-client" shall be established exclusively after a fee or a part thereof is paid. Conclusion of any agreement in writing remains at discretion of the parties, since the parties understand and accept that consent with these Rules is enough for further cooperation.

    This rule does not apply to consultations not causing any lengthy relations, and paid either before or after a consultation is provided.

  7. By asking the attorney to continue working for you and advancing a retainer for the future work, you waive any claims against the attorney in connection with work done for you prior thereto.
  8. The client understands that the payment made for the services shall not be refunded. Refusal to receive further services shall not be the ground for refund of the payment made.
  9. Without explaining the reasons for such decision, the client is entitled to turn down the legal representation provided by the Attorney and prescribed by the Agreement on legal representation (terminate the agreement) upon notice delivered to the Attorney, provided that the client performed his/her obligation to pay the legal service rendered amounting to $350 or in rubles equivalent per every hour of work performed. The number of hours spent on work shall be determined by the Attorney.
  10. If further performance of agency is impossible due to circumstances out of the client's control (for instance, death or disease), the side administration reserves the right to refund a part of the fee paid, at its own discretion. The administration has the right to refuse to make a refund without explaining the reasons for such decision.
  11. Al disputes shall be determined by the Russian court.
  12. All terms and conditions of agreement between attorney and client are to be kept confidential between me and the client and not to be discussed with my assistants. Clients are not allowed to make agreements with any of my assistants.
  13. The Client understands and expressly admits that services of this resource are paid. (S)he undertakes to use our services in good faith. Bad faith conduct of a client includes, as we see it, phone calls in the quantity exceeding the quantity required in a given situation, and night calls. We consider the said actions to be violation of the Rules accepted by the client, and reserve the right to charge additional fee for such violations. We provide the following services:
    • Consultations. In order to control work quality, we prefer providing written consultations that may be delivered to the client by electronic mail, by fax or regular mail. Upon preliminary understanding with the client, consultations can be provided in a different format.

      If within five days the client brings no claims in writing as to the provided consultation, such consultation shall be deemed provided. This provision does not release the client from his right to ask any reasonable number of additional questions at any time. Payment for consultations shall not be refunded.

      Any question can be published on the site, if the administration thinks it to be of interest to a wide range of readers. The site administration guarantees that at publication of a question in the Internet the client's personal data remain strictly confidential.

    • Drawing up of legal documents: marriage contract, agreements on children, agreements for sale-purchase of real property, powers of attorney, court documents etc.

      Urgent performance of agency, drawing of a document in two and more languages shall be paid additionally.

    • Review of the case materials, analysis of established court decisions, check of documents drawn up by other specialists, legal expertise.
    • Reissuance of lost documents, apostille stamping in any region regardless of the place where the document is issued.
    • Participation in court.
  14. Specialist's rights and obligations:
    • To assert rights and lawful interests of the client honestly, reasonably and in good faith, by all means not prohibited by the legislation.
    • In his own discretion, considering complexity of the question, provide consultations for payment or free of charge.
    • Comply with the business ethics code in respect to colleagues and resource visitors.
    • Keep received information confidential.
  15. Client's rights and obligations:
    • Strictly follow these Rules.
    • Timely pay for specialist's services.
    • Timely pay for specialist's expenses
  16. Intellectual property protection.

    All rights are reserved. Any commercial and non-commercial use of obtained or published materials is allowed only with written consent of the site administration, provided copyright is observed, and an active link is provided to Russian-Divorce.

  17. The use of "Russian-Divorce" by you means that you have read our Rules in full and express your consent in respect to each item.


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