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Expert witness for asylum case

Why I need expert witness for my asylum case?

Sometimes a Petitioner’s testimony may be good enough to prove his asylum case. However, an expert can be helpful in your case when Petitioner’s claim shows a unique matter or if this matter isn't good documented in conditions reports of Petitioner’s country. An expert gives to judge objective evidences that you persecution's fear is well-grounded and helps judge to understand your anxiety and concern.

The main category of expert witnesses for asylum claims is country condition experts who can show a situation in the country, in particular, in the Russian Federation. Karina Duvall is an expert.

Who can be considered as an expert?

An expert can be any person who has special knowledge, experience, and education about particular country or certain subject to which you would like him or her to testify.

It is very important that the proposed expert has necessary knowledge, experience, and credentials to be considered an expert on the certain matter that his or her expert opinion will be acceptable as proof.

How do you find an expert for my case?

There is no easy way to find a list of experts. Nonetheless, immigration attorneys can locate experts willing to help, who have spent time living and working in country; former residents; there may be individuals who are natives of and experts about Petitioner’s country because they too lived there. Karina Duvall is a Russian expert who provides expert opinion about situation in the Russian Federation. Because of Karina Duvall is licensed attorney in Russia, and certified foreign legal consultant in the United States, she provides legal opinions as well.

How is it works?

For affirmative asylum cases, the expert should to provide his or her notarized affidavit. He or she also provides Curriculum Vitae (resume) to help to understand who he or she is. Expert can testify at the hearing personally or by testimony via phone. Expert witnesses shall be identified on the witness list of asylum applicant. He or she supposed to meet all requirements. Telephonic testimony will require motion to the court and other measures. Karina Duvall, who is licensed in New York and accepted by US courts, and will be glad to provide an effective solution as expert from the Russian Federation.

When I need use expert from Russia?

If your claim involves Russian Federation where there is a dearth of information, a country expert is needed. If official sources do not provide timely verification, you will want to find an expert.

Karina Duvall, an advocate from Russia, researcher, and certified legal consultant in the United States might be able to provide her expert opinion with corroboration and supplementary context.

What should expert to say?

The role of expert is to provide to court special knowledge about the Russian Federation based on his or her experience. The expert can say that based upon his or her research, the conditions which were described by person who seeking for asylum, are match what I was watching. The expert cannot make conclusion if person should get asylum or not. He or she supposed to review the person's affidavit to understand his position and have a context for comments. Karina Duvall has 20 years of professional experience and looks forward to assist you.

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